Detectives In The Dock with Dave Sivers' new character ...

Statement from Detective Nathan Quarrell's Defence Lawyer
Quarrel doesn’t talk too much about his early life, although those with a keen ear will detect the hint of Yorkshire underlying his southern accent. If pressed, he’ll admit to ‘living there for a while as a kid’. He was raised by his paternal grandparents, now both dead. He’s liked and respected by colleagues but he’s not an easy man to get close to. His partner, Laura, is a firefighter. They live in a three storey house overlooking the canal.

The Fields of Wheat moment… What is the most rebellious thing Quarrel has ever done?
Sneaked out of his grandparents’ house at night to meet a girl. She was worth it.

Which 3 items would Quarrel bring to a desert island … and why?
Cakes, or the ability to make them – he has a sweet tooth, and Laura considers his ability to eat cake and not gain an ounce on his lanky frame is totally unfair.
Walking boots – he loves the outdoors and is a keen walker, so he’d enjoy discovering the island and its wildlife.
A guitar with a ‘how to play’ book inside it – he’s always secretly fancied one, and he could finally learn to play.

The Nitty Gritty: The Big Reveal 

Dave Sivers
What secret does Quarrel  have?
Quarrel is a man with quite a few secrets, and revealing them here would be a bit of a spoiler.

What or who does Quarrel love most?
His partner, Laura. Since the death of his grandparents, she is the only person he completely trusts.

How important is justice to Quarrel ?
Quarrel is passionate about, and driven by justice, the urge to right wrongs, and a desire to keep people safe. He’s very hard on himself and, if he feels he’s failed in any of those goals, he takes it very personally. Laura once told him he can’t save everyone, but that doesn’t stop him trying.

In five words describe… 

Quarrel 's office
Airy, sparse, impersonal, organised, masculine

Quarrel's physical appearance
Tall, grey, slim, lived-in, under-groomed,

All of his favourite things …  in one word
His favourite:                              
Holiday destination – The Lake District  
Ice cream flavour - Pistachio
Type of clothes – His old leather jacket
Meal – Anything Italian
School subject – English Literature

Would Quarrel rather… 

Visit a Post Mortem or clean up a drunk’s sick – Post Mortem, every time

Save a friend or kill their worst enemy – Save a friend, every time

Hot or cold climates - Hot

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