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Book Review: JD Robb Echoes In Death (Feb 2017)

I can't quite believe that Echoes in Death is the 44th Dallas/Roarke 'In Death' book by the very versatle JD Robb (otherwise known as Nora Roberts).  For a fair few years now these books have been some of my favourite reads and Echoes In Death is up there with the best of them...

Author Q&A on The Crime Warp: meet Anita Waller, author of Winterscroft, Angel, Beautiful and 34 Days, quilter and Harry Potter fan!

It is my delight to introduce to The Crime Warp a very talented author who, like myself, got published later in life.  Her newest book has been in the pipeline for a very long time. Over to Anita to tell us more about herself, her work and her reading habits.

Book review: Stasi Wolf – Karin Muller returns to solve another perplexing case in East Germany

I came across David Young’s first novel Stasi Child in 2015 and was immediately captivated by the idea of crime in East Germany, particularly the scenario of the first novel.  I’ve waited eagerly for the follow up and it’s out at last.

Blog Tour : An afternoon Q&A with Tana Collins author of the recently released Robbing The Dead

We have the lovely Tana Collins on The Crime Warp today. Tana's going to tell us all about herself, her current novel and maybe a few sneaky bits of info we didn't know previously about her.  Over to you Tana!

Book review: Cast Iron by Peter May,- an intriguing Enzo MacLeod thriller! (Jan 2017)

For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with the Enzo Macleod series, a quick explanation is in order.  Enzo drunkenly took up the mantel to solve all seven cold cases highlighted in a True Crime book.  Cast Iron is Enzo's investigation of the Lucie Martin case.  Years ago Lucie went missing and then some years later during a drought her body was discovered.   All evidence seems to point to a convicted serial killer...

Author Interview : The Crime Warp welcomes Netta Newbound, author of a host of psychological thrillers .

Netta Newbound is a prolific writer of psychological crime fiction.  Originally from the sunny climes of Manchester she emigrated to the not so sunny New Zealand.  The Crime warp is honoured to have her pay us a visit.  Her most recent book The Watcher was released on 2nd February 2017..

Book Review: All Good Deeds by Stacey Green, One to read!

All Good Deeds is a quirky private investigator story with a nice twist at the very beginning which I'm biting my tongue not to let slip. 

The Crime Warp welcomes Ross Greenwood, author of Lazy Blood and his newest release The Boy Inside.

Today on The Crime Warp crime writer Ross Greenwood reveals all about his newest work, his writing habits, his past life and what's in store for him in the future.  The Boy Inside release date 7th February 2017

Book Review: What Remains of Me by AL Gaylin- loved this!

What Remains of Me by AL Gaylin is a thought provoking story about the nature of power and friendship and loyalty set in the giddy world of Hollywood- but without all the glitter blinding us.  A very fitting title bearing in mind the subject matter of the book.

Book review: A Life to Kill by M R Hall - brings home some of the more unpleasant truths about faraway wars

I’ve read all of The Coroner series by M R Hall and been waiting for his newest book A Life to Kill for ages.It was well worth the wait!

So what’s it about? An army platoon in Shalan-Gar, Helmand is close to going home after a punishing tour where comrades have been killed in action.On the final night, “Skippy” Lyons inexplicably vanishes from their fortified and closely guarded compound.Information comes their way that he’s being held by local Taliban who want a ransom for his release.The negotiations turn out to be a disastrous trap for the platoon and after a fierce firefight, Green is dead, Roberts’ legs have been blown off, Carter has a severe head would and Lyons is still missing. Once the company is back at Highcliffe camp in the UK, Jenny Cooper is asked to lead the inquest into Green’s death, which as you can imagine will have lots of twists and turns and a shocking ending when the truth is finally exposed.

Author Q&A... Now for something a little bit different from The Crime Warp's usual stuff... but also a whole lot cooler than our usual stuff

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Stephen Watt to the blog.  I  had the pleasure of hearing Stephen perform his poetry as one of Bloody Scotland 2016's Spotlighters ...and it was truly amazing.   I find his poetry both inspirational and very much grounded in life's realities. Stephen Watt is the Dumbarton FC Poet in Residence, crime poet, winner of the StAnza Digital Slam award, Tartan Treasures award, one half of Neon Poltergeist and author of the poetry collections 'Spit' (2012) and 'Optograms'.  Find out more about him below

Uncoiled Lies by Liz Mistry: a blog tour

A first for me - I was standing in a post office queue thinking about Serafina and hoping that she was alright. Then it struck me that Serafina wasn’t actually a real person, but a character in a book. It’s not often I wake up thinking about a book I read before I went to sleep. Uncoiled Lies is such a book though and Liz Mistry is the consummate story teller. Set in multi-cultural Bradford she imbues the city with a sense of darkness that is terrifying. It’s about gangs vying for control and prostitutes who end up as victims in the nastiest power play imaginable.

Trying to put an end to this horrific violence is a team of police officers led by Gus McGuire, the attractive, yet damaged detective introduced in Mistry’s first book, Unquiet Souls. As if trying to deal with gangland warfare isn’t enough, Gus faces difficulties with his love life, an unsympathetic boss, a gruesome cold case which might tie in with current problems and an insubordinate new team member. The characters are wel…