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Book Review: I'm Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork , a cracking debut novel! release date 15th December 2015

I'm Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork is a fantastic debut novel by a rising star of Nordic Noir!  This is worthy of a veteran writer.  The plot is complex and satisfyingly thrilling, the characters intriguing, likeable and quirky and the settings are beautifully Nordic.... Samuel Bjork is definitely one to look out for
 in the future.

Book Review. The Silent Dead by Claire McGowan. The guns are silent, but for Paula and many around her, there's still no peace in Northern Ireland


Look Out For These - A November duo: Crime amongst the rich in London and the mystery of magic used for murder


Blogger's Blag :Keeping It In The Family, detectives with serial killer relatives.

Many crime fiction writers delight us by their exploration of the relationships between serial killers or psychopaths and their hunters.  What particularly interests me, is when that link is a familial one.  Read on to find out more about the theme of nature V nurture in crime fiction.  This includes paternal/maternal relationships between killer and hunter and the sibling relationship between killer and detective.

Book review: 24 Hours by Claire Seeber, a chilling psychological thriller!

When her best friend is killed in an arson attack Laurie Smith is convinced that she was the intended victim.24 Hours takes us on a race against time, for Laurie to reconnect with her daughter before her mysterious attacker finds her.

Book Review: John Grisham's gripping new legal thriller Rogue Lawyer

Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham (Release Date 20th October 2015) Sebastian Rudd is not your typical street lawyer.  His office is his reinforced bulletproof car and his clients are not always innocent.  However, when he sees injustice he does his utmost to expose it and isn't afraid to take on fellow lawyers, the legal system and corrupt law enforcement officers.

Book Review; Smoke And Mirrors by Elly Griffiths, another delightful Stephens & Mephisto novel

It's Christmas time in 1950's  Brighton when two children are abducted and murdered with a trail of sweets leading to their bodies.  DI Edgar Stephens and sidekicks Emma and Bob are drawn into the world of pantomime, dark fairy tails and Smoke and Mirrors. 

LAUNCHING : The Crime Warp New Years Honours list for best UK Crime novel 2015

You decide which lucky UK crime novel will be awarded The Crime Warp novel of 2015!  All you need to do is: VOTE NOW!..

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Read on to see who this years nominees are...

Blogger's Blag; Bridges often play a central role in Crime fiction, whether it's iconic bridges like the Golden gate bridge or the more prosaic but equally symbolic Forth Road Bridge

Recently I've come across a few books featuring Bridges and it got me thinking about the function of the Bridge in crime fiction; from the suicide/ murder/ torture hanging stance to the Bridge as a symbolic link between Past and Present, Good and Evil , Hope and Despair, or as the focus for the high octane adrenalin rush of an explosive car chase or stunt.  Here, I've focused on a few pieces of crime fiction where the bridge's stoic structure plays a significant role in the story

Book Review : Where They Found Her by Kimberley McCreight, deliciously atmospheric!

Where They Found Her  by Kimberley McCreight, deals with the claustrophobic judgements' of a small town mentality and throws up secrets and lies that have remained dormant for years.