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Look out for these! Hot picks for July and August 2013 – featuring Nele Neuhaus, the Audi of German crime writing, an espionage thriller and Peter Robinson’s new book


Our Most Loveable Sleuths

Loveable SleuthsSometimes we're lucky enough to find a sleuth/detective/goodie/ that just tugs on our heartstrings, maybe even brings out the mumsy or dadsy in us.  These characters are always a delight to read and have us sitting on the sidelines rooting for them.  They are so absorbing that we feel almost morally bound to be their defenders, albeit from our comfy armchairs.  They embrace all the good in detectives but maintain an innocence (even when forced to kill an adversary) that keeps us rooting for them.  They often have an aura of vulnerability around them, sometimes disguised under a gruff exterior, but always apparent to the discerning reader.  These are our LOVEABLE SLEUTHS and we're proud to LOVE them

Sookie Stackhouse created by Charlaine Harris
Where crime meets the supernatural by Indiana

Who would have thought that a blond waitress from Louisiana of all places, however perky, would become my protagonist of choice. Sookie Stackhouse, telepath and human/fairy hybri…

Book Review - Dead Man's Time by Peter James; a novel of revenge which comes very close to home for Roy Grace


Book review - Reviver by Seth Patrick: More thriller than supernatural