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Book Review: Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin

Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin Shattered souls is an urban fantasy crime novel - the first I've read, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I found this easy to read with likeable characters and I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to criminals in the form of Wraiths and Demons. Caitlyn O'Connell is a psychic ex cop who tries to douse her 'gift' with alcohol.  Then her ex- husband cop Sam Pierce forces her to assist in the investigation into their old mentor Harry's murder.  The reason he wants Cait
to help is that despite Harry's room being a bloodbath and locked from inside there is no body.  Cait soon finds Harry encapsulated in a mirror by a 'Wraith'.  Cait and Sam combine their efforts which leads them to investigate the disappearance of three young girls. I really enjoyed the way the paranormal investigation and the police investigation were co dependant.  The plot was intriguing and Devlin created twists and turns to keep us guessing.  There was a…

Blogger's Blag: Ms-Cosy-Crime meets...

Blogger's Blag: Ms-Cosy-Crime meets.... As a kindle virgin, I decided to follow fellow blogger Roman's advice on how to maximize my kindle.So, in preparation for a long coach trip I downloaded a few of my favourite authors then trolled through the under £2.99 section and selected a few cheapo's with Roman's 'for 99p you can't go wrong' running through my head.

Armed with my kindle I settled down in my seat next to a delightful elderly lady who was heavily into cosy crime.After a few minutes chat she got out her Werther's originals and her knitting and I got out my Kindle.

Feeling quite proud of my gadget I spent some time enlarging the text and selecting from my 99p selection (suitably stored in a collection named 'cheapies') I opened Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin.

As I read I was conscious of Ms - Cosy - Crime reading over my shoulder (the clicking of needles never halted, nor did the sooking of Werther's).By the end of the first chapter I&…

Book Review - The Lost by Claire McGowan (first in the Paula Maguire series)


Author Interview: Lee Weeks by Liz Mistry

Interview with Lee Weeks Lee Weeks is the creator of the Johnny Mann series of crime books which are set mainly in Hong Kong.  She has written the first in a new series of crime fiction set in Britain; Dead of Winter,  (check my review of this book).
Lee's Books first two books ; The Trophy Taker and The Trafficked are about human trafficking and Lee unflinchingly portrays the shocking atrocities of the trafficking trade in a realistic way.  I am honoured to be interviewing Lee who is herself a survivor of this reprehensible practice.
Liz:  Hi Lee, I've been so excited about meeting you.Although I’m a very recent convert to your books - I've only so far managed to read Trafficked and Kiss and Die,both of which had my emotions soaring from anger to sadness to helplessness.
I now have you on my Priority Reading listTraffickedwas so intense, and heartbreaking and energetic and optimistic all at once that I went out and grabbed Kiss and Diestraight after I’d finished trafficked.I’…

Book Review: Dead Of Winter by Lee Weeks

Dead Of Winter by Lee Weeks

Dead Of Winter is the first in a new series of books by Lee Weeks (author of the Johnny Mann series) and is set in London.
13 years ago police officer (and ex- army man) Callum Carmichael’s wife and child are brutally murdered along with his wife’s friend in a secluded holiday home.The crime is never solved and, inconsolable with grief Carmichael retires to a farm in Yorkshire.,
Now a mother and child’s skeletons are discovered buried in another secluded holiday home and DNA evidence links the crime to the 13 year old murders.
DC Ebony Willis informs Carmichael that the investigation into his wife and daughters death is reopened and Carmichael seething with vengeance sets off to mete out his own revenge on the culprits.Meanwhile Willis and her DS Dan Carter pursue the villains with occasional assistance from Carmichael.
Dead of Winter takes us from scenic Sussex to the harsh Yorkshire moors to the seedy underworld of London.Weeks, again has created great charact…

Look out for these! April’s hot picks and some big name authors


New David Baldacci novel "The Hit" - Signed book giveaway!

This month sees the return of government assasin Will Robie in David Baldacci's latest action book "The Hit".  After another successful hit, Robie recieves a new mission, which will be his biggest challenge yet - kill Jessica Reel, a fellow assasin, who has left a trail of death, including her handler.  Robie's mission isto set a trap - a killer to deal with a killer, but Robie soon wonders who he can actually trust in this murky undercover world.

"The Hit" is set to be another bestseller for David Baldacci and for one lucky Crime Warp reader, there's an opportunity to win a signed copy of this fantastic new book. Just send an e-mail with "Baldacci Giveaway" in the title before midnight on Friday 3 May to:

Names will be drawn at random over the bank holiday weekend and I'll send the book out to a lucky Crime Warp reader the following week.  I'll also reply to everyone's email to let them know whether they&#…

Author interview - Cath Staincliffe