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Author interview - Mark Billingham, talking about crime writing, Tom Thorne, life at 50 and of course his latest book, The Dying Hours


Book Review - The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham


Young Adult Review: How to Fall by Jane Casey

How To Fall by Jane Casey

I picked this up in a charity shop not realising it was actually a Young Adult book.However, having read a Maeve Kerrigan book of Casey's before I thought it'd be interesting to read this myself before passing it on to my daughter to read.
Jess Tennant is a sixteen year old who, with her mother, is spending the summer in her mothers home village.Jess is dubious about this as her mother has been estranged from herfamily since before Jess was born and she has never met her aunt (her mother's twin) or her family.The only thing Jess knows about them is that her cousin, who was the spitting image of Jess, died the previous year in a fall off the cliffs.
When Jess meets her cousins she becomes intrigued as to why her cousin, who was reportedly very happy, would commit suicide.Jess, despite being warned off by some of the local teens, the police and her dead cousin's best friend, determines to solve the mystery of her death.
As an adult reading a teen bo…

Review: Cemetery Girl by David Bell

Cemetery Girl by David Bell Cemetery Girl by David Bell is a psychological drama that really penetrates the psyche of the main character Tom Stuart.  This book will make you question and analyse every motive and action. Bell writes so convincingly that you will face a whirlwind of emotions; heartbreak, distrust, frustration, hatred, fear, hope, guilt and many more. This is a fantastic read and I wholeheartedly recommend you buy it ASAP
Initially I was drawn to Cemetery Girl for two reasons.First, unusually, this story of a missing 12 year old girl is told from the fathers point of view and secondly rather than a police procedural about finding the abductor, this is actually a deep and penetrating expose of not only the father's emotions but also how past events have impacted on the type of father he is.
Caitlin Stuart disappeared four years ago and now her mother wants to move on by having a memorial gravestone erected in the local cemetery and Tom, Caitlin's father, reluctantly a…

Review: The Cold Nowhere by Brian Freeman

The Cold Nowhere by Brian Freeman
I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Cold Nowhere to review, as its UK release date is 9th May 2013(HB £12.99, ebook £12.99).
This is the latest in Freeman’s, Jonathan Stride series and I find each book just gets better and better; classic Police procedural, combined with riveting characters and a damn good plot.
Ten years ago, six year old Cat Mateo, cowered under the porch and listened to her dad repeatedly stab her mum and then shoot himself.She was found by Stride, who was friendly with the mother and daughter and who had tried to protect them.
Then, sixteen year old Cat turns up at Stride’s home, covered in blood and drenched in Lake water.She claims that someone is trying to kill her.Stride, checks out her story, which is corroborated and is convinced she is at risk.His partner, Maggie, is not convinced of Cats’ innocence, particularly when she discovers the teenager always carries a knife with her.
Whilst Maggie pursues possible involvement…

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