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Detectives In The Dock: Graham Smith's Jake Boulder ... not quite so enigmatic now ... but just as sexy!!!!

Detectives In The Dock featuring the sexy, Scot, Jake Boulder who has recently solved a series of gruesome murders in the second book in the series The Kindred Killers, in Utah.

Tell us a little about Jake Boulder's background. Jake Boulder moved from Glasgow to Casperton in Utah at the age of 15. Before leaving Scotland he was taught how to fight buy a grandfather who’d honed his skills on the brutal Clyde dockyards.
The Fields of Wheat moment… What is the most rebellious thing Jake has ever done?
He once “borrowed” his mother’s car to impress a girl and blew the engine up trying to top a hundred miles an hour. The girl wasn’t impressed and neither was his mother.
Which 3 items would Jake bring to a desert island … and why?
A book because why not? A pretty girl for obvious reasons and a boat to come home in when he’d read the book and tired of the girl.
The Nitty Gritty: The Big Reveal

What does Jake fear most?

Water! He’s terribly aquaphobic and is petrified of drowning.

Is your Jake a s…

Book Review: Harlan Coben's Don't Let Go! Our introduction to a character I very much hope we meet again! Release date is today!

Napoleon Dumas (Nap to his friends) is a great, yet troubled, character.  Still affected by the loss of his twin brother fifteen years previously, followed soon after by the disappearance of his girlfriend, Maura, Nap lives an almost solitary existence in his family home.  He is a police officer who occasionally works outside the law to bring people to justice.  

Amoral anarchist crypto nerds wreak havoc in futuristic thriller

I will confess straight up, I’m a techno-phobe. My comfort zone is historical crime and even (I blush) cosy crime. But I have come to love the Internet as it allows me to sate my hunger for information. At least until my eyes go blurry. I reckon I’ve become dependent on information technology and Internet communication. I don’t understand the digital revolution but I take whatever crumbs are on offer for techno plebs like me. 
So can you imagine the Internet being shut down without warning? Enter a world in the not-so-distant future where cypher punks (sic) wreak havoc with a world unfamiliar to my kind ie. the despised ‘ageing non-techie’. Emoticoins are the currency of true value, people wear something called mesh, no one is who they appear, hiding behind fictitious online identities. Imagine a world where hackers, barely out of shorts, are in charge. You have entered the setting of Lucky Ghost, a thriller for the cyber generation.
Follow the exploits of journalist Alex Kubelick. A…

Detectives In The Dock: Rob Ashman's Detective Lucas

Rob Ashman is the creator of the fascinating, if very scary, serial killer Mechanic, about whom he has written three amazing books.  In the Mechanic trilogy, Ashman has also created an equally impressive detective in Lucas.  I'm sure you'll love having him grilled in The Crime Warp Dock.

Book Review: The Kindred Killers by Graham Smith. Hold on to your seats! You're in for quite a ride with this one!

After reading Watching The Bodies, featuring the deliciously handsome and sexy Jake Boulder I was desperate to read Smith's next Boulder offering, The Kindred Killers.  Again, Smith starts with an explosively exciting first chapter and just keeps on running with it right to the end of the book.

Book review : Holly Seddon's psychological thriller Don't Close your Eyes

Told partly in real time and partly through flashbacks, this is a fascinating study of twin sisters being separated during their formative years and the resultant effects on both of them.

A breakdown in their parents' marriage results in Robin and Sarah being brought up separately, Robin by her father in the UK and Sarah by her mother in the USA.  The adults in the flashbacks behaved very badly, with little thought of the consequences on their children.  Now, Robin is a struggling agoraphobic and Sarah desperately needs her twin sister but can't find her. 

Detectives In The Dock: Tara Lyons' character Denis Hamilton has recently investigated his third case in the series Deadly Friendship

DI Denis Hamilton is one of those characters that really gets under your skin because he's one of the new breed of British detectives that I'm coming to love so much... but I'll let you read on to discover why.  His creator the very talented Tara Lyons has him firmly in The Crime Warp Docks and is giving him a proper grilling ... Enjoy!

Tell us a little about Denis Hamilton's background

Denis Hamilton married his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth and although they have a strong, loving relationship, they have faced tragedy together. Watching his best friend
constantly being bullied at secondary school propelled Denis to apply to the Metropolitan Police – he’s a man always seeking justice. Born and breed in London, Denis loves nothing that getting involved in each case and working the streets of the capital with this murder investigations team.
The Fields of Wheat moment… What is the most
rebellious thing Denis has ever done?
Denis is probably the least rebellious London DI…

Q&A Graham Smith creator of the deliciously handsome Jake Boulder ( yeah I know he's fictional but a girl can dream can she not?) Graham's latest book The Kindred Killers is a fantastic read and again features Jake Boulder... did I mention how hot he is?. More importantly The Kindred Killers is released TODAY!

It's a delight for me to welcome Graham Smith onto The Crime Warp today.  Not only is Graham a very talented author but he also hosts the applauded Crime and Publishment courses in his hotel in Gretna and is an inspirational and supportive member of the crime writing fraternity,... He's also a fellow Scot which is a wee added bonus ... and today is the release date for his newest book The Kindred Killers!!!

Tin Star, exciting new Brit Thriller set in the Canadian Rockies, TV series


The Killing Connection by T.F. Muir, book review