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Book Review: Edge Of Darkness by Karen Rose, Book 4 in the Cinncinati series... and what a belter it is!

Edge of Darkness is layered and nuanced, alive with intriguing sub plots, full of appealing characters, dark with vile villains  .... and of course shrouded in ROMANCE!  Karen Rose has a very dark mind, but she also has a vert romantic one and when the two come together we get a fantastic story like Edge of Darkness ... I loved it!

Deposed by David Barbaree, Book Review

How do we know that events in the past which we are told happened actually happened? Most historians accept that history is written by the victors, and spin doesn’t only apply to current politics and news reporting, but also to the writings of historians. What has this got to do with Deposed, a thriller set in ancient Rome?
Everything. The author David Barbaree presents an interesting scenario. What if the Emperor Nero hadn’t actually died when and as the history books tell us? What if he managed to survive a life-changing attack, re-invent himself and step into a breath-taking mystery? The standard of research undertaken these days for the writing of historical crime fiction is usually so high, that I have to look to other features to isolate what makes this book so particularly engaging. The plot is pacey and the style approachable, if a big modern.

What lifts it above the average read is that the psychological development of the characters is so astute. It’s an honest book, in th…

Book Review: Hunting The Five Point Killer by CM Wendelboe set in Cheyenne, USA (a Bitter Winds story)

When sassy local TV reporter Ana Maria Villareal stirs up interest about the cold case murders of three Cheyenne Police Officers, she enlists the help of old friend and retired detective, Arn Anderson. The local police don't take too kindly to an interloper, even if that interloper's roots lie in Cheyenne, looking at cases they failed to solve first time round.  

Arn's return to Cheyenne opens up baggage he thought he'd disposed of years previously when he re-opens his old family home and alongside his emotions and the investigation it seems that Ana Maria is being stalked.  Is her stalker the serial killer the three dead officers were investigating at the time of their deaths.  has he come out of retirement after so many years?  
With a cast of characters from a handyman with an assumed name, to a retired detective, a smart TV reporter, a dodgy mechanic and one of the victim's sons, there is an abundance of suspects.
So, what did I like about this book?  Well I liked…

Eyes Like Mine by Sheena Kamal, Book Review


The Irregular, by H.B.Lyle, Book Review


Detectives In The Dock: It's the turn of Mason Cross' character Carter Blake to be grilled in The Crime warp Dock

In The Dock today we have Mason Cross' very enigmatic character, Carter Blake and I for one am determined to get right under his skin and see what makes this character tick ...Over to Carter!

Tell us a little about Carter Blake's background
Carter Blake has a fairly mysterious background, although we’ve learned a bit more about him over the four books to date. At the start of the first book, we know nothing about him other than that Carter Blake is not his real name. As we start to get to know him better, we find out he has a history in special operations and a talent for finding people who don’t want to be found. He used to work for a shadowy project within the US military codenamed Winterlong, but now works for himself.

The Fields of Wheat moment… What is the most rebellious thing Carter has ever done?

The most rebellious thing he’s done has been to turn on his handlers when he realised they were up to no good. He managed to negotiate a deal with his former employers after h…