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Book Review: Morning Frost by James Henry - the third prequel, bringing Jack Frost well and truly out of the deep freeze!


Look out for these – November's choice is a trio of gritty Liverpool, psychological suspense and a cosy character we’d all forgotten about


The Crime Warp's first birthday, The Harrogate Crime Writing Festival and a five book giveaway!

Lee Child – Never Go Back (Bantam Press, 2013)
Same Old, Same Old – Like your shower in the morning, your first coffee of the day. Not just refreshing, but necessary somehow.Jack Reacher has found a nook in the lives of his fans. Lee Child’s latest novel treads the same well worn groove – comfortable, predictable even, yet hugely enjoyable. In ‘Never Go Back’ Reacher returns to his old unit, the 110th Special Unit. It is here he is confronted with a sinister conspiracy and hooks up with its current commanding officer, Major Susan Turner. The size XS brunette with the mischievous twinkling eyes finds herself in a spot of bother and entices Reacher to give up his solitary state – for a while. With her help he investigates a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of the military. What is the connection with those serving in Afghanistan? What could possibly be so profitable as to cause so much hostility towards those poking around? Will this be Reacher’s last case or will his inge…