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Look out for these! – March’s recommendations are a little more daring than usual – a mystery by a Korean author, the first of a new series set in Paris and an ebook with three million downloads now in print


QUIZ: Win 1 x PB copy of Diana Souhami's Murder At Wrotham Hill and 1 x HB copy of Corban Addison's The Garden Of Burning Sand

Use The Picture Clues to Name The Crime Novel and Match to its Author

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Book Review: The Burning by M R Hall – the latest “Coroner” novel is a tale of murder, deception and duplicity set against Jenny Cooper’s increasingly complicated personal life


Book Review: Thankless In Death by J.D. Robb

Thankless In Death by J.D. Robb
JD Robb(who also writes as Nora Roberts) is author of the futuristic 'In Death' series of Police Procedural crime novels. Based in NewYork of the 2060's her hero's are Eve Dallas a 'kick ass' Police Leitenant and her husband Roarke, an Irish gazillionare with a dodgy background.  I like this series on a purely fantasy level.  They're well paced and quirky with a good selection of characters and aren't so dissimilar from today that I'm lost. I love the references to 'the Revised Miranda' (introduced after the civil war of 2000), lip dye, zoners(drugs), blockers(pain relief).  The cars can fly and some people have Droids, but the crimes are the same, although the prisons for serious offenders are off planet.
Thankless in Death (the 37th book in the series)is about a narcisstic sociopath who, when he kills his mother in a rage, realises that this is exactly what he's been waiting for all his life and sets abo…

Book Review: A Song For The Dying by Stuart MacBride

A Song For The Dying
By Stuart MacBride
A song For The Dying is the sequel to Birthdays for The Dead and is definitely as thrilling, compulsive and poignant as its’ prequel.After reading Birthdays I was concerned that the darkness that made it so compelling would signal the demise of those wonderfully vibrant yet different characters Ash Henderson and Alice MacDonald.
We left Birthdays with Ash at his lowest point; both daughters murdered, himself fitted up for his brother’s murder, a close friend and confidante dead, divorced and penniless … where was he headed from there?
InA Song for the DyingHenderson is two years into his prison sentence, kept there not for his brother’s murder but because the long arm of that delightful money lender Mrs Kerrigan (everyones favourite grandma) reaches within the prison walls to make him look like a troublemaker.
However the resurgence of a serial killer that Ash failed to stop years ago is his Get Out of Jail Free Card; he is brought out of prison to w…