Book Review: The Soul Killer by Ross Greenwood

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What can I say? Nobody, but nobody, does the killer's voice quite like Ross Greenwood. The Soul Killer is the second of his DI Barton series. I read the first, The Snow Killer, last year and loved it. I am delighted to say that this series just goes from strength to strength with The Soul Killer giving the Snow Killer a run for his money in terms of chills, thrills and spills.

Here's the Blurb

‘Repent in this life, rejoice in the next…’

A murder made to look like suicide. Another that appears an accident. DI Barton investigates the tragedies that have shattered a family’s lives, but without obvious leads the case goes nowhere. Then, when the remains of a body are found, everything points to one suspect.
Barton and his team move quickly, and once the killer is behind bars, they can all breathe a sigh of relief. But death still lurks in the shadows, and no one's soul is safe. Not even those of the detectives…

How do you stop a killer that believes life is a rehearsal for eternity, and their future is worth more than your own…?

My Thoughts

Well - where to begin? I've already mentioned the killer's voice and I want to stick with that for a moment. Ross has two narrative strands - the ongoing police investigation and the killers inner thoughts and actions. The way in which we have access to the killer's motivations, his actions and his views just helps to ratchet up the tension. But, what is even more chilling is the backstory that Greenwood provides for this character. Reading the sections written from his point of view was a rollercoaster of dread, sympathy, horror and complete gobsmackedness (yeah, I know that'snot really a word, but who cares). Greenwood must have spent some seriously long hours in the head of this chilling murderer. What made it more tense was that although we know so much about the killer we're not 100% sure who he is ... and then the clues start to drip in and the thrill factor accelerates.

In terms of Barton and his team of officers - I really love the interplay between the detectives. I love Barton's 'normality'. He's not an alcoholic. He doesn't always put the job first and he is a team player. The friendships within the team, made me invested in the investigation. 

The Soul Killer is a gritty read, no doubt about that. It's also a very human read. I flew through it, loving every minute. Greenwood's characterisation makes you invest in the story all the more and even if you don't like your reads too gritty - (there was one scene that really made me blanche - in a good way) - I think the adept plotting and characterisation will make you love this ... I know I did.