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THE FALL BBC2 Character Analysis

The Fall BBC 2 Serial Killer drama
I know it’s been a fair few weeks since the Fall was televised and watched consistently over the five weeks by over 3 million viewers, but I found it so intriguing that every so often since the end of series one I’ve ruminated about it and am pleased that the BBC have opted for a second series.
Despite the extremely good filming and excellent story lines linking the day to day Belfast with the horror of a serial killer my ruminations centred on the two main characters: DSI Gibson played by Gillian Anderson ( Scully from the X-Files) and the serial Killer Paul Spector played by Irish actor Jamie Dornan.
What fascinated me about these two characters was their similarities.DSI Gibson has a unique sexual confidence that, early on has her approaching a stranger (albeit a fellow Police Officer) for sex.She is portrayed as a woman who likes to be in charge sexually and it is later revealed that her affairs are always on her terms.She appears to approach her se…

Book Review – The Twelfth Department by William Ryan: An intriguing novel about a detective in Stalinist Moscow


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Baldacci giveaway - The winner is Yvonne from Virginia in the USA!

In April The Crime Warp ran a competition to give away a signed copy of David Baldacci's latest book "The Hit", where Robie recieves a new mission and his biggest challenge yet - to kill Jessica Reel, a fellow government assassin. As The Crime Warp has a truly international audience including Germany, Austria, all the Scandanavian countries, then as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Thailand and China, the competition was open to all Crime Warp readers wherever they live.  
Everyone who entered had their name put in a hat and the winner was Yvonne, from Virginia in the USA.  When I mailed Yvonne and told her she won, she was over the moon, saying "I guess this means I can cancel my hold request for "The Hit" at the library!" A week or so after I posted the book I got an email from Yvonne with a  great photo of her holding the book!  She said "The book arrived safe and sound. It was actually delivered on Saturday but I could…

Blogger's Blag: Even Ends - a short story by Liz Mistry

Even Ends
The room was tastefully decorated. Warm parquet floor, subdued spotlights above carefully selected paintings on neutral walls.Tommy Winnings sat in front of the large, real wood fire.Strong hands with blunt, square tipped fingers rested atop a tartan shawl.His blunt square tipped fingers caressed the soft richly woven wool, while his legs remained oblivious to its existence never mind its’ warmth.
Tommy was worried.Odd numbers were never lucky for him and it preyed on his mind that he’d ended his illustrious career on one.Now, there was little time left to rectify that and change his fortune. His thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open, as Carla walked in.
“Hi there Tommy Tuppence!”
Tommy grinned, rheumy eyes twinkling appreciatively as she sashayed over, ample hips swaying as she walked.She leaned over and kissed the top of his white down covered head.
“You been behaving yourself whilst I’ve been out?”
Tommy shook his head and grinned. “Nah, I’ve been to the pub, met …

Book review: Blood Of Crows by Caro Ramsay

Blood of Crows by Caro Ramsay
One of the things I like most about Caro Ramsay's novels is the fact that she always manages to create really unusual characters in a really believable way.I think that gives her novels a dynamic, entertaining edge and Blood of Crows is no exception.
Blood of Crows sees DS Costello return to work after being on sick leave.She is given a secret mission to find out what's going on in a posh private school near Loch Lomond.Meanwhile, DI Anderson after having various cases reassigned to another DI, feels sure he will never gain promotion.Then he is seconded to head an investigation as DCI.The Andersons and Costello’s investigations appear to cross over linking a child abduction from years ago, a police officer’s suicide, Glasgow Turf wars and child trafficking.
Although complicated , Ramsay, with her usual aplomb weaves the stories together in a believable way and the secrecy of Costello and Anderson's tasks lend an interesting slant to the police p…