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Blog Tour: Book Review of Shot To The Heart by Isabelle Grey (release date 24th March 2016)

It's not often you get a crime book dealing solely with the how and the why rather than the who...but that's what you get with Shot Through The Heart by Isabelle Grey.
When Russell Fewell opens fire on his ex-wife's boyfriend, ex-cop Mark Kirkby, on Christmas Day and then kills a further four people before killing himself, the identity of the murderer is not in doubt.

Book Review: Alert by James Patterson & Micheal Ledwidge, the 8th Michale Bennett book

It's taken me a bit of time to get round to reading Alert but, finally here's my review. 
How can you not empathise with a hardworking NYPD cop, who is also a widower with ten kids, a gorgeous Irish nanny (whom he loves) and roguish Irish priest as a granddad?  The simple answer is... you can't.  Mike Bennett is a fantastic protagonist and as usual, Patterson and Ledwidge provide a high octane read.

Blog Tour: Vulnerable by Mary Burton, sexy, romantic, alluring and deadly. (Release Date 29th March 2016)

The Morgan family are close-knit fearless and dedicated to putting bad guys away. With a delicate balance of Country and Western, romance and procedural, Vulnerable is a delight to read.

Book Review: The Girl You Lost by Kathryn Croft, a mothers nightmare comes true (release date 5th Feb 2016)

How do you recover from the abduction of your baby daughter?  How do you find the strength to continue after such a catastrophic loss.  Well, Simone and Matt Porter somehow manage to do juts that and 20 years after their beloved six-month-old Helena is abducted, they are still together and still very much in love.  Then...

Book review: The Travelers by Chris Pavone - Simply delightful!


Book review: The Ex-by Alafair Burke. A tense legal drama.

The Ex by Alafair Burke (release date 2nd of February 2016)
This is the first Alafair Burke’s book I’ve read but I’ll certainly be reading more of them. Defence lawyer Olivia Randall feels guilty for the way she treated her ex- fiancĂ© Jackson Harris 20 years ago. So, when his daughter, Buckley phones up asking her to defend her father, Olivia feels duty bound to help him. Jackson has been accused of murdering Malcolm Neely the father of the boy who committed a mass shooting at Penn Station – one of the boy’s victims was Harris’s wife Molly.

Book review: First Response by Stephen Leather - I really hope it doesn't happen here!


Blog Tour, Book Review. Beloved Poison by E.S.Thomson, Historical Crime Fiction

A cracking debut by E. S. Thomson! Beloved Poison engages from the start when the reader is drawn into the sordid underbelly of Victorian London, where life is cheap and medical practice competitive. To what lengths will the ambitious medical staff at St Saviour’s Infirmary go in their quest for standing and reputation? E. S. Thomson serves up not only a well researched and tightly plotted murder mystery set in a crumbling Victorian hospital, she has created an interesting protagonist in Jem Flockhart, the deeply troubled and enigmatic apothecary. Jem’s sidekick is Will Quartermain, a very junior architect, who arrives to start the awful task of planning the demolition of the ancient hospital and its quaggy, stinking graveyard.  Never has there been a crime book with more dead bodies or bones!