Blog Tour: Review of The C Word : For some lockdown has been murder by various authors

 Chuffed to bits to have been invited  by Zooloo's Book Tours to this tour for the NHS charities short story anthology  The C Word, published by Spellbound Books.

Book Blurb 

100% of all royalties from The C Word will be donated to NHS Together Charities.

So, what do writers do during Lockdown? They create murder, mystery, death and destruction of course!

The C Word is a collection of short stories collated during the COVID-19 pandemic to raise money for NHS Charities Together. A plethora of wonderful stories created by a wide variety of writers, each with their own unique style. Some you will know already and some we’ve yet to introduce you to. However, we’re sure you’ll want to hear from each & every one of them again as we leave 2020 behind us.

With contributions from Steve Mosby, Sophie Hannah, Elly Griffiths, Sarah Hilary , Rob Scragg , Trevor Wood and many more

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My Thoughts

A stellar cast of familiar (and some new to me) authors have penned a range of lockdown inspired tales.  As an author myself, I find short stories the hardest to write and am always in awe of other authors skills in that department. This anthology was a delight to read. I found myself dipping into it at odd moments to get my fiction rush. The range of content is delightful from the uncanny to the straight forward thrill read and from the edgy and tense to the softer more cosy read. 

This is the sort of read you can lose yourself in and although I don't read many short stories myself, I found myself rereading a couple of the most enchanting ones. I was introduced to authors i'd never read before and now my TBR pile is in danger of tottering over. 

This anthology has something for everyone and just to tempt you even more, isn't it great that 100% of the royalties will go straight to NHS Charities.