The Good Thief Series by Chris Ewan, ebook launch today!

The Good Thief Guides to: Amsterdam, Venice, Vegas, Berlin and Paris.

Charlie Howard is by far the most interesting thief I’ve ever come across. He is not some seedy little slime-bag who steals handbags from little old ladies to support a drug habit, but a better class of thief, one who takes pride in his professionalism. His day job as a crime writer always seems to take second place to stealing mysterious objects, works of art, important documents … -as if real life adventures, such as witnessing murders, getting caught up in a spy intrigue, being on the run from either baddies or the police, or both at the same time, and trying to solve any number of bizarre mysteries, are more interesting than being stuck inside writing. And he gets to travel to amazing cities: Amsterdam, Venice, Vegas, Berlin and Paris. I’ve enjoyed reading about his escapades so much in fact, I’m even thinking of closing my laptop and taking up thieving too. 

These books would make a great TV series. I can see Colin Firth in the role of the mystery writer cum thief-to-order. He has the right kind of self-deprecating irony and handsome looks British gentlemen are famed for, and that would be necessary to play our protagonist Charlie Howard. How else could you explain why the delectable book agent Victoria puts up with Charlie in the first place? I’m hoping that if you are a book agent you are as patient, as helpful and as tolerant with your writers as Victoria is with Charlie. That you follow your writers into danger, save them on numerous occasions and have supportive conversations with them to try to remove whatever writer’s block they are suffering from.

If you want an entertaining read that won’t leave you queuing at a psychiatric ward begging for admittance because you are so depressed having just finished your latest Scandi Noir book, then I recommend any and all of the Good Thief Guides. Which of the five cities would you like to visit first? Choose one and then let Charlie Howard, thief extraordinaire, be your guide.  (Indiana Brown)

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