Book Review: The Fourth Monkey by J.D Barker, a serial killer story told in a unique way

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As you'll have worked out by now, I love a good serial killer book, but what makes The Fourth Monkey different is the way the author weaves the killer's back story so seamlessly with the ongoing investigation.  This is due for release on 27th June.  Pre-order your copy today!

The Fourth monkey killer selects the children of his target to punish the parent for their criminal activity.  He uses the old proverb 'See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Do no evil' as  his Modus Operandi- he delivers the ears then the eyes then the tongue of his young victims to their parent.  

Detective Sam porter has hunted the Fourth Monkey Killer for a long time, so when he's called to a 'suicide by car' and the victim is The Fourth Monkey, en route to post a parcel to the  parent of an abducted girl, the race is on to find the girl before she dies.

On the body of the dead man is a diary recounting his childhood experiences and this chilling account of his backstory is as griping as the ongoing investigation.

Barker has succeeded in creating an ingenious evil psychopathic  killer as well as a team of detectives that you really root for.  His main detective, Sam Porter, isn't your usual gung ho young detective.  He is middle aged, not as fit as he used to be and has issues. The team's dynamics are natural and I hope to meet them again in the future.
The Fourth Monkey is a unique serial killer story.  It is nicely twisty, beautifully executed and has a brilliant cliffhanger at the end.  I loved it!