Detectives in the Dock: DI Jimmy Bliss (from Tony Forder's wonderful DI Bliss series.)

Detectives In The Dock

Tell us a little about Jimmy’s background
Jimmy Bliss grew up in and around London’s east-end. His father was a police sergeant, but for much of his early life and teenage years, Jimmy spent as much time mixing with criminals as he did other police officers. He could have gone either way, as a few of his friends did, but instead he followed in his father’s footsteps. He married Hazel after joining the force, but she was murdered in their own home. Jimmy was suspected, but he was always convinced that she was killed by another police officer. His upbringing and the strength of family unity gave him his no-nonsense attitude and approach.

The Fields of Wheat moment… 

What is the most rebellious thing Jimmy has ever done?

As a young couple, Jimmy and his wife got involved in wife swapping. It lasted only a matter of weeks, but Jimmy can never forget it or forgive himself because ultimately it led to Hazel’s murder, as the one other man she slept with was a cop who, when she rejected further advances, stalked and killed her.

Which 3 items would Jimmy bring to a desert island … and why?
A photo of Hazel, because he can no longer remember what she looks like without the visual prompt; his guitar because his love of music endures despite him never having enough time to play; the remains of his Royal Brackla whisky because it brings back happy memories and reminds him there are things in life to take time over and savour.

The Nitty Gritty: The Big Reveal
What is Jimmy ‘s Achilles heel?
He finds it hard to let go. He needs to be in control not because he enjoys it, but because he wants to protect others and to be the focus of everything that is negative about the job. He believes in accountability, but there are times when he takes it too far and doesn’t allow his team to push themselves or put themselves at risk.

All of his favourite things …  

                                            What is Jimmy ‘s favourite:                             
Night wear:           Shorts                                               
Animal :                 Dog
Weapon:               Fists                                                   
Artist                    Munch                                                           

Beatle (Band)      George

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What traits does Jimmy share with you?
Probably too many, but mainly his stubbornness and determination. As a human being I accept that I will have problems to face in life, and because I am human I will sometimes be vulnerable enough to bend beneath their weight. But I also refuse to break, and believe that it’s not the falling down that counts, but that you pick yourself back up again afterwards and confront life head-on. It’s a trait I very much wanted Jimmy Bliss to have as well.

How important is justice to Jimmy?
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It’s why he does what he does. It’s his reason for being, the thing that drives him on. Jimmy is of the opinion that justice comes in many forms, and if it can’t be achieved in the courts then he has no objection if it occurs in other ways. He sees his role in life as someone who must achieve justice for those who cannot do so themselves.

In five words describe…
Jimmy’s most dreaded thought - That the guilty walk free.
Jimmy’s perfect work partner - Loyal. Intelligent. Determined. Forthright. Brave.

Would your character rather…
Visit a Post Mortem or clean up a drunk’s sick?

Visit a Post Mortem

Drink themselves to death or jog round the park?

Drink themselves to death

Car chase or shoot out?
Car chase