Detectives In The Dock: Up for trial today is David Evans' detective Colin Strong

Here's a little bit of background on today's Detective in the Dock: DI Colin Strong was born and brought up In Doncaster. As a six year-old, he met and became lifelong friends with Bob Souter. They played football together in the same school teams – Colin up front and Bob in midfield. Colin studied English at Nottingham University, where he met his wife, Laura, before joining West Yorkshire Police.

The Fields of Wheat moment… What is the most rebellious thing Colin has ever done?
He was part of the university football team which stopped off at a Chinese takeaway
after a game late one Wednesday night. Systematically, he and his team-mates stripped the shop of everything from the salt and pepper pots, soy sauce bottles to the menu hanging on the wall before making their escape in the team bus chased down the road by the angry owner. Part way home they were stopped by the police. Relief was overwhelming when all they wanted to ask was if the driver had seen a loose horse on the road.

Which 3 items would Colin bring to a desert island … and why?
Laura – because life without her wouldn’t be worth living.
A football – not only because he enjoyed playing the game, but also a ball can provide endless amusement when nothing else is around.
A book - his Sherlock Holmes collection which he can re-read endlessly.

The Nitty Gritty: The Big Reveal 

What or who does Colin love most?
His wife, Laura whom he met at Nottingham University and his family – son Graham and daughter Amanda

How important is justice to Colin?
Extremely important. Strong need to know the whys and wherefores of all the cases
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he works. That isn’t always possible, but he needs to feel that justice is done.

Does Colin believe in ghosts?
He doesn’t believe in ghost per se but he does think there are things we don’t fully understand. He came across a character in two of the books who had experiences that led to important information coming to light. To him, these were inexplicable.
But he considers how far mankind’s knowledge has developed in the past two centuries, for example. His forbears born at the beginning of the nineteenth century saw great advances. But his grandparents, born at the end of that century saw things that their grandparents couldn’t imagine – electricity, flights, man on the moon etc. Even he has seen progress his grandparents wouldn’t have believed. Our advances are exponential, so what else don’t we know? 

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In five words describe… 
What Colin's friends think of him
Loyal, straight, trustworthy, approachable, friend.

His most dreaded thought.
Losing one of his team (by that he means fatally)

All of his favourite things …  
What is Colin's favourite:                             
Song – Nutbush City Limits                                   Animal - Dog
School subject - English                                          Sport -    Football                                                       

Would Colin  rather… 

Find out what Agatha Christie did when she disappeared or discover Jack The Ripper’s true identitydefinitely discover Jack The Ripper’s true identity. He dislikes
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unsolved mysteries.

Have Roger Moore or Sean Connery as Bondwould prefer Roger Moore because he was so smooth but liked Sean Connery because (with the influence of his friend Bob Souter) he could do a passable impression – “Yesh.” J

Hot or cold climateswarm climates – tempted to buy somewhere on Gran Canaria at the end of Talisman.