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Reader, I murdered him. Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye, historical crime.

Just when you thought that every plot has been plotted, every character type drawn, along comes Jane Steele, heroine extraordinaire. Penned by Edgar Award nominee Lyndsay Faye, this engaging and well researched novel set in 19th Century England was inspired by Jane Eyre.

Look out for these! April's selection of three novels that you can really get your teeth into!


Book Review: Breaking Dead by Corrie Jackson

Breaking Dead is the debut novel from Corrie Jackson and features Sophie Kent, an investigative journalist who is still coming to terms with the death of her brother.

During her investigations into the murder of a 14 year old boy she encounters Natalia, a Russian model. Natalia has a nasty bruise on her face and has obviously been the victim of violence. Natalia opens up to Sophie and tells her that she was raped. Before Natalia can disclose the name of her attacker she gets cold feet. Later that night Sophie receives a strange text directing her to the Rose Hotel. As she arrives she discovers that the body of a young woman has been found in one of the rooms. She is shocked to find out that it is Natalia. Sophie learns that hours earlier Natalia had attended a glitzy party at the hotel, to celebrate the start of London fashion week. Sophie is eager to discover what happened to the young model, and soon finds herself drawn in to the seedy world of the fashion industry.

Sophie is a gre…

Blog Tour: Corrie Jackson - Breaking Dead

Corrie Jackson is spending some time with us today. Her novel, Breaking Dead, the first of her Sophie Kent series is due to be released on 21st April. My Working Day by Corrie Jackson.

6am: I drag myself into my running gear. I’m desperate to get back in shape after having my daughter, Evie, six months ago. The Serial podcast distracts me from the sound of my screaming lungs.

7-8: A total blur. Child + baby + school run = hell. There’s no amount of caffeine in the world that makes this hour more palatable.
8: I brainstorm plot ideas while walking the dog in the woods. I scare really easily, which is a problem when you’re a crime writer. There’s a gruesome woods scene in my debut thriller, Breaking Dead, and I always think how ironic it would be if I met the same fate. Although it might bump up sales, no?
9: I’m at my desk, come hell or high water. My office is tucked away at the top of the house. My four-year-old doesn’t know I work from home. When I come downstairs in the evening, I gr…

Blog Tour: David Jackson - A Tapping at my Door

‘Recalls Harlan Coben - though for my money Jackson is the better writer.’
The Guardian

Published by Zaffre, 7th April 2016 2016, hardback, 18.99
eBook published 7th April 2016, £8.99 From the bestselling author of Cry Baby, A Tapping at My Door is the first of a brilliant and gripping police procedural series set in Liverpool.

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door...
-- The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe
Home alone one evening, Terri Latham is disturbed by a persistent tapping at her back door. She's relieved to discover the culprit is a raven, and tries to shoo it away. What she doesn't know is that it is the prelude to a terrifying attack - Terri’s body is found in her garden the next day with her eyes gone and a dead raven and placed across her face.

Book Review: The Graveyard of the Hesperides by Lindsey Davis, Historical Crime Fiction

Have you ever compiled a fantasy dinner list? Top of mine would be Flavia Albia, the indomitable informer who uncovers all sorts of nefarious ongoings in Ancient Rome. Coming from Britain, she has the objectivity and observational skills of an outsider and having experienced real suffering as a child, she is under no illusions about human nature. Smart and perceptive, she is at home in all walks of life – which is just as well as in this case her investigations take her to a dangerous neighbourhood.

Book Reviews: Round-up of Young Adult crime fiction

Young Adult crime fiction is a particular delight of mine.  Whether it's a psychological thriller, a mystery, a police procedural or an all out fast- paced race against time.  Here are just a few of the offerings in the YA market at the moment.

Book Review: MJ Arlidge's Little Boy Blue - This thrilling read takes us into the world of Southampton's BDSM community (Release Date 10th March 2016)

If you ever wanted to discover what a Zentai suit, a munch and wet sheets are, then now is your chance to find out.  MJ Arlidge's new DI Helen Grace novel takes her a little too close to the life she wants to keep secret, at all costs, from her police colleagues.  In Little Boy Blue we see Helen Grace at her most vulnerable and find her at odds with even her most loyal colleagues...