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Look out for these! Hot picks for October 2013 – lots of reading for those darkening autumn nights


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Talking to the Dead By Harry Bingham- Tip Off

Tip Off Talking to the Dead By Harry Bingham This novel is being dramatized on DRAMA MATTERS (Wednesday 16th Oct Sky Living /Virgin 9PM) I found the central character in this novel intriguing and Bingham wrote the story so well we were given clues throughout to her 'disorder' but didn't find out till near the end.  Can't wait to see how they dramatise it! 

Indiana Brown Reviews Ice Moon by Jan Costin Wagner

Ice Moon by Jan Costin Wagner
Imagine this tableau – a frozen Finnish lake in a perfectly still landscape. A few figures posed as if at random, all looking at the protagonist, a young police officer mourning the death of his wife through a harrowing illness. The viewer is aware of, but can’t see, the psychotic murderer who is killing people in their sleep. This psychological thriller is as elegant as an andante movement in a composition by Sibelius. 

Jan Costin Wagner, the German author who sets his books in this cold landscape in the North, has, for someone so young, a remarkable insight into the complexities of the pain of mourning. He does not once shy away from exploring complicated human emotions and deliberately takes his time developing the psychological journey of Joentaa, his main protagonist.
The pain of mourning has enabled Joentaa, the young police officer, to instinctively identify with the murderer. This creates an uneasy parallel process: Joentaa’s coming to terms with th…

Book Review: Original Skin second novel by David Mark .

Original Skin  by David Mark This is Mark's second novel set in Hull and featuring Scottish born Aector McAvoy. , I loved both Mark's books, partly because of the Northern element but mostly because  Aector isn't the typical burnt out alcoholic cop with a divorce and estranged children behind him.  On the contrary Hectar has few vices, loves his wife and young family, is mostly honest and dedicated to his job but is interesting because of his humility, self consciousness and insecurity.  Mark writes Aector's character cleverly.  We witness his blushes and insecurities without seeing him as weak because we also see his his quiet dogmatism.  I think some writer's must take years to perfect portraying the non abrasive layers of a character so convincingly, but in my opinion Marks not only manages this but manages it with apparent effortlessness.(Makes us would be writer's sick huh?) Original skin is about the cannabis dealers in Hull beingviolently ousted by a grou…