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Author Q&A : Katharine Johnson author of The Silence (June 2017)

Today the Crime Warp is pleased to host a Q&A with psychological thriller writer Katharine Johnson.  Katharine's  book The Silence was published in June. 

Let's find out a bit more about Katharine and her writing.

Liz: Tell us a bit about your current book release
Katharine: The Silence was published in June by Crooked Cat Books. The main character Abby has a perfect life – fulfilling career, loving husband, adorable children. But she also has a secret 
which if it ever gets out will destroy everything. The secret goes back 25 years to a summer she spent as a teenager in a Tuscan villa – a summer that ended in tragedy. She’s buried the details of this event at the back of her mind but when human remains are discovered in the grounds of an idyllic Tuscan villa she realises her secret is no longer safe…
Liz:  Where did the inspiration for The Silence come from?

Katharine: I wanted to write a book about an outsider coming into a dysfunctional family and the effect they would have o…

The Fallen by Ace Atkins., guest review

This book goes down like an ice cold lager on an infernally hot day. If you like your men tough and your women even tougher take yourself down the hot dusty roads of Mississippi to experience a decent, straight talking Sherriff taking on dangerous brothel madams, former armed forces colleagues, slick criminals and crooked politicians. Or, as the author puts it “It´s just getting good, Lil”, he said. “Everything we have been fighting for. All those people who want to turn back the clock to the bad ole days. The users, the racists, the peckerheads who praise Jesus but loot our land and people. We got ´em”.

But does he? Or is his colleague the sharp shooting Lillie right when she says, “It´s over, kemosabe”. “Those fuckers had us beat before we even got started.” To find out you will just have to dive into ´The Fallen´ and take yourself to Jericho, Mississippi.
Ace Atkins, an American journalist nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, is now a full-time crime writer who lives in Oxford, Missis…

Dan Brown to Make Exclusive UK Appearance in Harrogate

Tickets are now on sale for Harrogate International Festivals’ exclusive UK launch of Dan Brown’s, new thriller, Origin in partnership with WHSmith. The American thriller writer who shot to global fame with the international hit, The Da Vinci Code featuring the Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, will appear in Harrogate to launch his new book and discuss his life’s work. Hosted at the Royal Hall on October 9, it will be Dan Brown’s only UK public event. Victoria Ibbertson, Literature Festivals Manager at Harrogate International Festivals, said: “We’re really excited to welcome Dan Brown to Harrogate. The fact that he and his publishers, Penguin, have chosen to launch Origin with us is testimony to our Festival’s reputation for positioning Harrogate as one of the country’s leading literary destinations.” Victoria added: “The evening with Dan Brown offers fantastic value as everyone will receive a copy of Dan Brown’s new book in the ticket price. The first 200 bookers are guaranteed a …

Book Review: Rob Ashman's astounding Mechanic Trilogy - a serial killer with a difference, an attitude and a skill set you'll die for

When I started the first in Rob Ashman's Mechanic series (Those That Remain), I didn't realise that I'd be tied up for the foreseeable future.   Now I'm not into S&M but I have to admit that being tied up with the Mechanic was a wholly enjoyable , if nerve racking experience ... one that I repeated  soon after with In Your Name and then again with Pay The Penance. The only thing left to ask now is... what am I supposed to do now I've finished this fantastic trilogy.  the answer's easy really ... I'll write a review ... or three!  Read on for my views on these great reads.

Those That Remainby Rob Ashman 

In Those That Remain we are introduced to the serial killer dubbed Mechanic and detectives Lucas and Bassano. Whilst Mechanic is dark brooding and sadistic, Lucas is heartwarming, humorous and down to earth which is the perfect foil to his partner Bassano's dapper, Jack the lad image.  For me, I was drawn into the book straight from Chapter one which s…

Author Q&A: Holly Seddon author of Don't Close Your Eyes tells all about her perfect writing place, her writing routines and the fictional hero she's just dying to meet!

It is with great pleasure that I 
welcome Holly Seddon 
author of 
Don't Close Your Eyes
to  be warped on 
The Crime Warp today!

Book review : He Said, She Said by Erin Kelly ... a psychological thriller set against a very natural phenomena

I've been hearing lots about this book and when it come up on Netgalley I rushed to download it... and I must say I wasn't disappointed.

He Said, She Said is one of those fascinating books that just drips atmosphere from the very start.  Hardly surprising really when the entire story unfolds against a backdrop of a series of eclipses.  The palpable emotion of these fascinating occurrences mixed with the tension of this psychological thriller evokes a taut claustrophobia that kept me unsettled right to the last page.

The pivotal moment of He Said, She Said occurs in the aftermath of a total eclipse when Laura witnesses the end of a violent rape.  For Laura, her boyfriend Kit, the rape victim and the rapist things will never be the same and, as the repercussions of that day continue, Kit and Laura find themselves, fifteen years later, living in fear yet still drawn to the raw beauty of the eclipses they follow.

I loved the way Kelly took us not only on a journey with the four pivot…

Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding, Book Review


Detectives In The Dock : Andrew Barrett's Crime Scene Investigator EDDIE COLLINS .. a friend of Andy's since 2004

Eddie Collins is a CSI working for West Yorkshire Police. He’s been through the mill since I first encountered him back in 2004. He had a son, Sam, who was tragically killed in a hit and run accident in Eddie’s first book, The Third Rule. In that same book, he also lost his wife, Jilly – she couldn’t accept Sam’s death and so took her own life. In the next book, Black by Rose, Eddie reacquaints himself with someone with whom he was rather fond: a lady by the name of Ros Banford – also a CSI. The only problem with this relationship was that Ros was married. By the end of Black by Rose, that problem had vanished, and so in the next book, Sword of Damocles, they finally get together! Yay! But the relationship plays havoc with the gears and chains inside Eddie’s mind, and they end up separating. Eddie is alone for a while until his father, Charles, moves in with him. Whenever I visit their house, I always think of Steptoe & Son – it’s a brilliant relationship.

What's the most rebell…