Book Review: Stuart MacBride's A Dark So Deadly. Here's why you should read it.

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I'm starting with a hands up here as I make no secret of the fact that Stuart MacBride is one of my favourite authors ...EVER!  It is the combination of gritty, no holds barred, gut punching, relentless, grit combined with full on laugh out loud humour and gruff poignancy that gets me every time.  

A Dark So Deadly is the first in what I sincerely hope is a new
series of books by MacBride.  A Dark So Deadly features a group of misfit officers who are in the doghouse for one reason or another.  The main protagonist,  DC Callum MacGregor,  has been relegated to the 'Misfit Mob' because he covered up for his pregnant girlfriend's mess up at a crime scene so she'd still get her maternity pay - wonder how that played out for him?

When the Misfit crew are called to an unusual murder at the local dump links are soon made to three missing people.  All of this happens against the backdrop of a huge benefit gig (Tartantula) involving local musicians who are raising money for a children's writer, now suffering from Alzheimers.  The multi stranded story is a deeply satisfying read, particularly because it blends humour, with witty observations of human nature and pathos.
A Dark So Deadly, similar to Steve Mosby's You Can Run, takes the theme of literature and creative writing and runs with it throughout the book.  This provides many comic Haiku moments and is juxtaposed by lyrics from a character called Rapper Sick Dawg as well as a recurring fairytale by an aging author, suffering from Alzheimers.

MacBride's unusual style draws you in and, once it has you in its thrall, there is no getting away. The way he merges the story-lines is flawless.  The hunt for a serial killer who mummifies his victims by smoking them is inspired.  The plot twists are inventive and the denouement is fulfilling.  Go get it now!