Consent by Leo Benedictus, Book Review

Who doesn’t like the idea of a guardian angel? Someone to watch over you and save you if you're in trouble. Most people would be thrilled if someone good-looking, intelligent and articulate took an interest in them. Wouldn’t you?

Well, that depends. How about someone like that who observes you and follows you around, records your every move and perhaps even saves you when in trouble, can’t be bad - or can it?

Leo Benedictus is prepared to take risks and does not shy away from entering the mind of a psychopath. 

This is a stylish psycho thriller about progression, escalation, crescendo even - like Ravel’s Bolero. And it ends with a bang!

Leo Benedictus is a British journalist and writer. Consent is his second novel. It will be published by Faber in hardback on February 1st 2018, £12.99.

 reviewed by Toria Forsyth-Moser