Book review: The Samaritan by Mason Cross. The mysterious Carter Blake returns in a thrilling sequel to The Killing Season

Carter Blake has a mysterious past, an unsettled present and an uncertain future.  However in The Samaritan we learn a bit more about this mysterious character's past when an acquaintance from another life comes back to haunt him.  

Release date 16th July 2015

In LA Detective Jessica Allen recognises  the wound on a

serial killer's victim and realises that his work is not confined to LA.  Meanwhile, Carter Blake also recognises the strange killing wound and manages to insinuate himself into the investigation, however he keeps some secrets to
Disused LA film set
himself.  Soon the entire case is under scrutiny from the FBI and Blake and Allen are on a race against time to rescue an abducted girl before the killer strikes again in the
bleak hills around LA's famous Mulholland Drive looking for a disused film set.
The Samaritan has a plot you can stick your teeth into.  Cross keeps us guessing and throws a few curve balls in to keep us on our toes. The LA setting is brooding and the vastness of the area where you have to drive everywhere makes the detectives  job seem ever more hopeless but what 

I like most about these books is the character of Blake himself.  His enigmatic past keeps you hooked as does the possibilities for his future.  I'm just glad he's one of the good guys!

If you like police procedurals with an edge that doesn't let the FBI get away with shit then this is for you.  It's tense, gripping and wholly satisfying.

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