Book Review: Viral by Helen Fitzgerald, What if the worst thing you did went viral?

Release Date 2nd February 2016

Viral is one of those books that beckons up a huge 'What if that were me?'  Insightful and imaginative, Fitzgerald paints a picture of the consequences of a single mad act by a teenage girl on holiday.  

Viral explores the aftermath of a young girl's 'legal' sexual abuse being exposed to the world through social media.
With perspicuity, Fitzgerald takes us on a journey with the family involved.   Su-Jin is the Korean adopted daughter of a white Scottish family.  She is the sensible sister; the one who is heading to University to study medicine.  Then on one fateful night in Magaluf she is filmed on social media performing oral sex on 12 men.  The images go viral and set in motion a chain of life changing events for Su and her family.

Fitzgerald doesn't only capture the young girls horror at what
has happened but also conveys her family's responses and actions.  She teases us with snippets of back story that intrigue and have us rooting for the family and Su in particular  Fitzgerald effectively demonstrates how erratically people can react when faced with adversary.  Viral is all too chillingly believable. I couldn't put it down.
Check out the amzing promotional video to go with the book 

Available on Amazon Kindle £2.01 or PB £7.99
or Waterstones PB £10.39