Book Review: The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter, the much anticipated new Trent/Polaski/Linten thriller!

In The Kept Woman, the Will Trent, Angie Polaski, Sara Linten triangle is as intriguingly complex and deliciously edgy as it’s ever been.  Trent’s complex vulnerability combined with Linten’s strength and compassion and Polaski’s erratic behaviour just ratchets up the tension. 

Trent, newly rebounding from a severe rape case where the
victim is vilified and the perpetrator, a basketball star, goes unpunished, is called to a murder scene of an ex-cop with a very bad reputation.  Filled with foreboding Trent discovers that the murder site is owned by the basketball star he failed to convict.  Then, to make matters worse his girlfriend, Linten discovers evidence that places his ex-wife Angie Polaski at the scene and judging by the blood loss she doesn’t have long to live.

The warped dynamics between this trio make this story a
compelling read and the added hook of an affluent basketball star evading punishment for their misdemeanours, corrupt cops, and indisputable forensic evidence just ratchets up the tension.  As usual you can expect a fair few twists and turns as the story progresses.  The Kept Woman is a fantastic expose of corruption at many levels and a sensitive account of the trauma faced by the victims of such corruption.  Slaughter’s characters are deftly and believably written.  I couldn’t put this book down and finished it in two rather long sittings.  Fans of Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connolly and our very own Stuart Macbride should enjoy this gritty police procedural.
Available on Amazon Kindle £9.99, HB ££12.91, PB £13.10 and free on audible trial.  Click here