Book Reviews: The Best of young adult Crime Fiction

My latest selection of Young Adult  crime fiction is as diverse a selection as I've ever had.  It ranges from books about serial killers to schizophrenia, from romantic mysteries to supernatural thrillers.  Don't miss these books they're brilliant!

Blood Of My Blood by Barry Lyga
When your dad is a racist serial killer, your best friend is a haemophiliac, your girlfriends black and your mum has been captured by your dad you've got serious choices to make. Jazz (Jasper) Dent  was brought up by his serial killer father who taught him all the useful skills a successful serial jkiller needs.  Now Jazz must use those skills to avoid being arrested, to rescue his mother, protect his girlfriend and best friend and stop his Dad killing again.  This novel is fantastic.  A brilliantly satisfying read with a compelling story and brilliant characters.  Hard hitting and thrilling a must read!
Available on Amazon Kindle £4.35 or PB £8.99 (release date May 2015)

The Escape by Hannah Jayne
Avery Templeton is a geek good friend and daughter of the local police chief.  When two of her friends go missing in the woods,  Avery finds Fletcher alive but badly hurt, and the other boy, Adam is discovered beaten to death.  The small town mentality of the local high school quickly makes Fletcher a hero for surviving but just as quickly the eye of suspicion is cast on him.  Told from the point of view of Avery as she tries to discover who killed Adam and Fletcher who is plagued by survivor guilt and the after effects of his ordeal, The Escape is an intriguing mystery that is believable and tragic in equal measure.  Fletcher and Avery are excellently portrayed as is the characters of some of their friends as the entire town struggles to make sense of a murder in their midst.  
Available on kindle £4.70 or PB £6.99

My Secret to Tell by Natalie D Richards (release date 6th Oct 2015)
When Deacon Westfield's dad is beaten to a pulp Deacon turns up at Emmie, his sister's best friend's house covered in blood and immediately becomes the prime suspect.  Attempting to uncover the truth Emmie and Deacon stumble across conspiracies and emmie discovers that those closest to her have been 'protecting' her by keeping secrets from her.  My Secret to Tell is twisty and fast paced.  A lovely story of coming of age, deceit friendship and families.  Well written and thoroughly enjoyable.
Available on kindle £6.64 PB £6.99 (30th Oct)

Wild Sky by Suzanne and Melanie Brockman
This is a fantastic supernatural thriller with grit and heart.  Skylar and Dina are 'Greater Thans' - those who carry a special enzyme in their blood that gives them special powers.  The downside of this is that unscrupulous drug dealers have discovered that this enzyme can be made into an addictive and devastatingly destructive drug called Destiny.  Dina and Skylar along with non Greater Than friends Fletcher and Milo are searching for Dina sister who has been abducted by the drug dealers, then they discover another Greater Than girl is being kept as a slave by a Destiny addict.
This is a powerful action packed mystery with romance and friendship at its heart.  I loved the authentic 'teen' dialogue and Fletcher's series of 'What would you rather be...' had me chortling out loud.  Refreshingly authentic, beautifully gripping and fantastically gripping.
Available from Oct 6th on kindle for £7.69 and PB £6.99 30th Oct