Book Review: The Father by Anton Svensson - growing up in a very different way of life

I rarely blog about true crime, but this novelisation of Stefan Thunburg's family history is just mind boggling and captivating.  The Father, is about four brothers who grow up under the thumb of a violent father. Three of the brothers for "The Military Gang" a daring team of robbers who targetted banks and armoured cars in a series of audacious heists in the 1990s.  The fourth brother is the exception, studying at art schools, instead of taking part in hold ups.  The novel vividly recounts life growing up in an atmosphere that is often depicted in the novels we read, but I'm sure few could  comprehend living in this way.  As a father, I've helped my children learn, showing them the best way to do lots of things from writing neatly in their homework books, to DIY - Thunburg's father did too, but his range of topics was different, including precise instructions on how to make Molotov Cocktails!  

The quality of the novel has undoubtedly benefited from co-authoring by Anders Roslund and the publishers have helped promote the book through good press as well as offering some episodes of the audio book for free.  

Here's a link to a really good write up about the book in The Guardian:

If you've got iTunes, then you'll be able to download the first six episodes of the audiobook for free:
If that doesn't convince you to try the book, nothing will!


PS - the podcast is titled "Made in Sweden", which is the title that was used for publication outside the UK.  It's definitely the same book!