Book Review: Silenced by Anne Randall, the second beautiful novel set in Glasgow by Anne Randall who previously wrote under the name AJ McCreanor

Release date 3rd September 2015
When Mark Haedyear, a convicted torturer and murderer, escapes  while attending his mother's funeral a series of events occurs which make DI's Wheeler and Ross wonder if the events are linked. 

First a homeless person is murdered and a 'positive thinking'
card linking the murder to a religious and spiritual charity the Lictum Institute is found nearby, then a gangland leader's wife is abducted and despite Wheeler and Ross's best attempts her husband refuses to admit she's been abducted, preferring instead to implementing the force of Glasgow's underbelly.  Meanwhile the mute daughter of Haedyears first victim has disappeared leaving her family traumatized.  But when Kat Wheeler becomes the subject of communications from the killer it all becomes so much more personal.   

The dynamics between Wheeler and Ross are fun; they're like an old married couple with an underlying frisson of sexual tension.  Randall really evokes both the beauty and the harshness of Glasgow.  Her descriptions are vivid, the plot well thought through and punchy.  
Available on amazon kindle £13.99, HB £16.58