Book Review: First One Missing by Tammy Cohen, a wonderful twisty novel!

First One Missing is an exceptional novel.  Cohen's grasp of human nature in all its forms grips you from the start and doesn't let go... and then, of course, there are the twists that unexpectedly thump you in the stomach winding you because you just don't expect it.  Suspenseful, emotional and bloody good!

Over four years a serial killer has been loose on the streets of London abducting and murdering little girls.  Over this time the grieving parent's struggling to cope and find there way through this become bound together in a group called Megan's Angels after the first girl abducted.  The story begins with the abduction and murder of the fifth little girl, Poppy Glover. The story is told from each character's point of view in turn, from the dead girls sibling's, the grieving parents, a journalist hack, the police investigating the murders and the killer.  Cohen get's really into the different personas of each characters, slowly but surely unravelling their layers and revealing what makes them tick.  As in  Dying for Christmas, Cohen delivers a final few chapters that will leave you reeling and panting for the next twisted Cohen book.  A must for fans of Sophie Hannah or  Gillian Flynn. 
Available on Kindle £6.64 or HB £10.49