Book Review: Falling by Emma Kavanagh deeper than the usual police procedural

Falling is a welcome alternative to the usual Police Procedural, with the writer using a quirky style to tell the story- for me, Falling by Emma Kavanagh delved deeper into the human aspects of murder.  By telling the story from different viewpoints I felt more in tune with the characters and I really enjoyed the slightly surreal element to parts of the book.  The symbolism of the plane falling from the sky was beautifully linked to the main character Cecelia's personal sense of 'falling'.  I liked the fact that although a central storyteller, Cecelia herself wasn't actually integral to the story- I think this added a different dimension which raised this novel above most police procedurals.

Cecelia, an air hostess is on her last flight to London from Cardiff.  This flight will take her away from her loveless marriage and her young son whom she is incapable of loving.  However, this flight falls from the sky and Cecelia, one of the few survivors finds her back at home with her husband and son.   Meanwhile her husband, despite his marital troubles, is flung into an investigation of the rape and murder of a superior officer’s daughter.  With various twists it becomes apparent that there are links between te murder and the plane crash.
I enjoyed this story because it successfully combines the murder investigation with the key character’s emotions.  In narrating the story through different character’s  viewpoints we discover the complexities within the characters actions and as the investigation progresses our understanding of the series of events leading to the murder is complete.

Not just a police procedural but a poignant commentary on human nature, skilfully told by a creative writer.

I’d recommend Falling to anyone who wants something a bit deeper than your average Police Procedural.  I'll certainly be looking out for more Emma Kavanagh novels.

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