Book Review : An Evil Mind by Chris Carter - This serial killer is one bad man – If you don’t believe me –Read On!

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 I love a good, well thought out serial killer novel that doesn't rely on the glib bed wetting, mummy abuse scenario’s… and An Evil Mind doesn't
 It really gets into the mind of the serial killer and takes you on a rocky journey with him and,  it is that element that grips me on an intellectual level -  Why are some people(thankfully very few) like this?

An Evil Mind is fast paced, mentally stimulating and shows the battle between two great psychologists in the age old fight between ‘Good and Evil’.  It is raw and disturbing (not for fans of Cosy Crime) but the way Carter builds up, in a slow crescendo of mounting unease, to the end game is exhilarating.

Chris Carter
This is not for the faint hearted.  It is full of pulsating psychological twists and gives a fascinating insight into the psychosis of a psychopath.  It takes the reader to the edge and just when you think Carter can’t go any further he just pushes that little bit more.
When a random accident reveals the gruesome work of a serial killer preserved in the back of a car, the driver is arrested.  Despite efforts by the FBI’s best he initially refuses to talk.  Eventually though he asks for Robert Hunter, an officer with the LAPD whose track record as a criminal profiler make him much sought after by the FBI.  

Hunter identifies the man as his one- time best friend and college roommate and then listens to a story that sends him on a journey against his worst enemy to date.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it to fans of Michael Connolly, Chelsea Cain etc, but don’t read it when you’re on your own in an isolated farmhouse with no phone or wifi.