The Venetian Game by Philip Gwynne Jones, Book Review

A crime book for people with sophisticated tastes: Venice, opera, renaissance art, good food and wine… I enjoyed all that and more – having been to Venice, I particularly enjoyed walking down memory lane.

Our protagonist is the British expat Nathan Sutherland, translator by profession, honorary consul by vocation and art lover whose passions land him in no end of troubles. The book starts with Nathan bored silly translating lawnmower manuals, but beware what you ask for … soon Nathan is up to his neck in more excitement than he can cope with.

Find out how art theft can lead to murder and how difficult it can be to stay out of trouble in Venice.

The author Philip Gwynne Jones is a teacher, writer and translator, who lives in Venice. This is his first book and we eagerly await the return of Nathan Sutherland and his adventures in La Serenissima.

Published by Constable in paperback in 2017 (£8.99)