Bloody Scotland's Spotlighted authors - a rundown of some new talent!

After being invited to be one of the Spotlighted debut authors with my debut novel Unquiet Souls at this year's Bloody Scotland, I was privileged to meet my 11 co-spotlighters.  I was impressed by their work. In an attempt to keep the spotlight shining here is a rundown of these fantastic authors debut novels.

Dead Man's Prayer by Jackie Baldwin (Sep 2nd 2016)
This is the first in a police procedural series featuring ex-priest DI Frank Farrell.  It is set in Dumfries.  Farrell, now a detective, is drawn into investigate the death of the priest who forced him out of the priesthood many years earlier and finds himself drawn inexorably into an exploration of his own past.
Available on Amazon kindle £1.99 or PB £13.99  click here

The Confession of Stella Moon by Shelley Day (1st July 2016)
As the title suggests The Confession of Stella Moon is a gripping psychological thriller where Stella Moon must confront he truth and lies behind her confession.  Atmospheric and gripping. 
Available on Amazon kindle £1.99 or PB £8.99 Click here

The Wrong Kind of Clouds by Amanda Fleet (May 26th 2016)
Summer Morris is drawn into the hunt for her ex lover Patrick Forrester in a thriller that could topple governments and takes Summer and DS LB Stewart as far afield as Malawi.  If they knew which of Patrick's many enemies had taken him they could possible find him alive.
Available on kindle £2.99 Click here

Epiphany Jones by Michael Grothaus (15th March 2016)
Epiphany Jones is a psychological thriller laced with dark edged comedy.  Jerry suffers from psychotic hallucinations and depressive episodes.  When he finds himself accused of stealing a Van Gogh painitng he goes underground and becomes entangled in the illicit world of sex trafficking in Hollywood.
Available on Amazon kindle £4.29, PB £8.99 or free with audio trial.  Click here

The Daughter's Secret by Eva Holland (7th April 2016)
Six years ago Rosalind Simms daughter, Stepahnie, ran away with her teacher thrusting the entire family into the spotlight.  Now, Temperley, the teacher is due to be released from prison and Rosalind must confront those past events and evaluate where the blame lies
Available on kindle £4.99, PB £3.99 or free on audible trial.  Click here

Beneath The Skin by Sandra Ireland (22nd Sept 2016)
Beneath The Skin is a multi layered thriller exploring how the past sometimes doesn't want to let go.  It involves a taxidermist with a secret, a soldier with nothing left to fight for and a mother determined to protect her son.
Available on Amazon kindle £2.84, PB £9.98.  Click here

A Fine House In Trinity by Lesley Kelly (21st April 2016)
Joseph 'Stainsie' Staines leaves Edinburgh with the tallybook of debt collector Isa Stoddart.  Isa's son thinks Stainsie killed her and yet when he commits suicide he leaves Stainsie as his sole beneficiary in his will.  Suddenly everyone either wants Stainsie gone from Edinburgh or wants to interrogate him and Stainsie wonders what's really going on.
Available on amazon kindle £0.99 or PB £8.99

Unquiet Souls by Liz Mistry (30th July 2016)
Traumatised  and physically injured  DI Gus McGuire returns to work on a child trafficking case involving a paedophile ring that has regrouped after being disbanded ten years previously.  The leader of the ring is intent on exacting revenge from the woman who nearly put him behind bars all those years ago. 
Available on Kindle £1.99 or PB £9.99 Click here

The Father by Tom O. Keenan (April 2015)
Sean Rooney is a failed forensic profiler suffering from mental illness and alcohol abuse.  He is determined to sidle into retirement but when a multiple murder lands in the lap of DCI Jacqueline Kaminksi she has other ideas.  She wants Rooney back on the case.
Available on Amazon Kindle £2.99 or PB £7.99 click here

The Harbour Master by Daniel Pembrey (Sept 22 2016)
Set in Amsterdam, Henk va der Pol is a detective nearing retirement when he discovers the body of a woman in Amsterdam harbour.  Henk soon realises that police and government corruption involving Hungarian people traffickers is rife and before long there is a very real threat to his own family.
Available onAmazon kindle £3.48 and PB £7.99.  Click here
Optograms by Stephen Watt
Optograms is a stunningly vivid collection of criminally insane poetry with topics from prison life to life and death.  Available from Wild Word Press ( £7.95 (& £1 P&P).

Dark Side of The Moon by Les Wood (15th Aug 2016)
Boddice has assembled a band of misfit crooks to steal a famous diamond known as the Dark Side Of The Moon.  this is a deadly comical darkly humorous crime romp told entirely from the point of view of the criminal.
Available in PB £9.99 click here