Book Review: The Time To Kill by Mason Cross

The Time To Kill is Mason Cross' third Carter Blake book and this author shows no sign of writing a dud novel. 
Both the The Samaritan and The Killing Season were phenomenal and The Time to Kill is just as good.  Action packed and sensitive - a James Bond type book for the 2000's (Maybe if Idris Elba doesn't get the 007 role he could play Carter Blake?- just saying).

Carter Blake once worked for a secret US government agency under the code name Winterlong and since leaving the organisation he has worked under the wire.  Now it seems that Winterlong are on his trail and Blake has no option but to use every resource at his disposal to defeat the corrupt agency. 
What makes this so appealing is that Carter Blake is a believable character with a strong moral compass to go with his extremely useful skills set.  It was his sense of duty in The Samaritan that brought him to the attention of Winterlong and it is his sense of duty that drives him in The time to kill. 

I am so pleased that I'm not going to have to wait too long for the next Carter Blake novel as his next novel hits the book shelves in 2017.
Meanwhile get your copy of The Time to Kill here
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